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Hello! I'm Carlo. I've been an IT Support Specialist since 2013. In 2019, I started learning web development and design. I enjoyed it so much that in 2020 I became a freelance web designer, with a specialization with WordPress. My focus on all website design is to create a great user experience. That experience will lead to increased website lead generation, conversions, and revenue.

Recent Work

CW Design is an interior design business that started in July 2020. The owner has over 20 years of experience in the interior design industry but was new to digital marketing.
In November 2020 I secured a contract for CW Design’s digital marketing. It included developing and designing a new website and doing minor social media marketing.
I built out a custom WordPress experience starting with wireframing. I involved CW Design with design recommendations and always allowed the owner to make final design decisions. I leveraged Oxygen Builder, WooCommerce, Fluent Forms, Custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to produce the website. Every page was optimized for SEO and customer conversion. Once the website was built, I secured another contract that ran to November 2021 to manage the website, create landing pages, and do minor social media and email marketing.
Contract End
In November 2021 when the contract was coming to a close, I discussed renewal options with the owner. During this conversation I found out that her business was not earning enough money to continue on with my services. I did offer to run a Google Ads marketing campaign for CW Design in addition to my website maintenance services, continued website development, and complete business tech support for a 3-month risk-free trial period. For the trial period if the Google Ads marketing campaign did not earn her enough money to cover her business expenses, she would not have to pay my fees. She declined my offer stating she preferred traditional marketing over digital. I wished her success and told her that my Google Ads marketing campaign trial period would be available for her if she ever wanted to try it.
Coming Soon
I will be adding a link to the final state I left the CW Design website in when I transferred it to the owner at the end of November 2021.
Website Design
Functional and beautiful designs.
Website Development
GUI development with hand-coded HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Website Maintenance
Backups, monitoring, and updates to keep your site safe and secure.
WordPress Expertise
I've been working with WordPress since 2019.
Oxygen Expertise
A visual WordPress site builder that allows the flexibility of hand coding.
Army of One
I do complete website development, digital marketing, and will be with you during every step.


I offer a complete range of website design, development, maintenance, and digital marketing. Please contact me so that I can give you a competitive, customized quote that fits your needs.
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